Prost #SD! Top 5 Local Breweries to Cheers Like a King this Oktoberfest!

Looking for great beer? Join us for Oktoberfest this Saturday October 8 at Float Rooftop Lounge! Enjoy over 10 local breweries! Drink out of authentic steins and mack on authentic Bavarian cuisine while listening to The German Zeitgeist Band!

Review by Reggie Garcia, Rock Royalty Agent to the Stars at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Follow him on Instagram @Reggie_Garcia.

Beer. The final frontier. Since its conception around 3000 B.C., humans everywhere have hoped for one dream: to drink better beer. From Ales to Wheats, there is something for everyone’s palate when it comes to imbibing this mighty and delicious beverage. Here in San Diego, we’re blessed to live in beer lovers’ paradise, with a bounty of bad ass breweries serving uniquely bodacious beers, many so rare they deserve to be served in a holy grail.

As a Rock Royalty Agent at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, it is my job and joy to refer my guests to some of the best places in San Diego. As a beer enthusiast, October is my favorite month because Oktoberfest falls on our fine town, offering us some delightfully original brews to be thankful for. This October, it’s my wish that you don’t spend a second thirsty. So I present to you my master list of the top five local breweries to celebrate craft beer this October.

1. Fall Brewing Company: From the moment you step into the tasting room at Fall Brewing, you feel like you stepped into a rock museum that just so happens to serve beer. The rock art vibe paired with some of the best craft beers around offers an unmatched San Diego experience. From unique beer names like “Jazz Hands”, “Spirit of 77” and “A Beer Named Sue” to the “Plush Rock Art Show” this brewery is one of a kind. Located in North Park, this open air brewery not only boasts excellent beer choices, they also have local food trucks come and serve food daily. The food trucks offer delicious choices like Sushi Uno, Local Kebab, and Tacos La Mezcla. Fall Brew’s liquid lineup includes IPA’s, Stout, Pilsner and Nitro Beers. Rest assured, with their beer, your taste buds are sure to Fall head over heels. #PunFun

Fall Brewery
Fall Brewery Boasts Beautiful Brews

2. Bolt Brewery: San Diego loves its Chargers. San Diego loves its craft brew. Combine the two and you get Bolt Brewery, dually located in La Mesa and Little Italy. The Little Italy location is my favorite. They are dog friendly so you don’t have to leave your pup at home while enjoying one of their rotating 16 beer varietals. Personally, I go for the Citra Pale Ale. Its crisp, boasts a floral aroma and maintains a strong hoppy kick.

The food is phenomenal. It’s my belief that at a good brewery, the bar food should be refined but not pretentious. Keep your quinoa coated salmon, I will stick to Bolt’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza. White chicken meat, tangy BBQ sauce and an onion crunch that will sneak up on you. The only problem you’ll have is not ordering more than one. If you find yourself in Little Italy, Bolt over to this brewery!

Bolt-up San Diego!
Bolt-up San Diego!

3. Modern Times Brewery: Here’s a rock n’ roll reference: this brewery is like if the Keith Richards of brewmasters one day met up with the Jimi Hendrix of hopmakers and they made a greatest hits collection. With two convenient locations in Point Loma and North Park, these are legitimately some of the best beers that have ever rocked my taste buds.

The seasonal beers are worth the wait, and the constants like Blazing Worlds: A delicious and light amber beer and Lomaland: a smooth and bright Saison that will make you question what you have drank in the past, are all winners at Modern Times. And if beer just isn’t your cup of tea, they brew and package their own signature line of coffee! Now you have something to drink in the morning and at night. Their Autumn blend, Cloud Ripper, is quite the cup of Joe. Named after the Inconsolable Range of California’s Sierra Nevada, this coffee delivers. So whether you need a pick-me-up coffee or a settle-me-down beer, tell your taste buds to get with the modern times.

Get with the Modern Times!
Get with the Modern Times!

4. Ballast Point Brewery: Their slogan is “Dedicated to the craft” and they really and truly mean it. Ballast Point is one of the pioneering breweries in San Diego with an ever-evolving cast of different beers that are sure to pique your interest. One of my personal favorites is the award-winning Grapefruit Sculpin. My mother always had trouble getting me to eat my grapefruits as a kid. Well look now Ma! It features the tartness of grapefruit and the crispness of hops. Now I know why it won Gold at the U.S. Beer Open!

But it does not end there; with beers like Habanero Sculpin, Even Keel, The Commodore, Ballast boasts quite the lineup. All the beers feature a different fish on the label, an ode to San Diego’s long standing fishing community. Even its name is borrowed from Ballast Point Light, a lighthouse situated in Point Loma in the San Diego bay. This brewery is uniquely San Diego. If there is one place to visit, shine your light over to Ballast Point.

Ballast Point Blows Minds!
Ballast Point Blows Minds!

5. Saint Archer Brewing Company: On my first visit to San Diego, the first beer I had was a Saint Archer Blonde Ale, and I was hooked. This locally based brewery has been producing award winning beers since 2013, and although new to the scene, Saint Archer has distinguished itself as a beer mecca. The heavier Double IPA, the smooth White Ale and fruity Blonde Ale are some of the headliners. Words do no justice honestly. Their 33,000 square foot facility is a beer lover’s paradise featuring weekly food trucks like Craft Poke, Wholly Crepes and the beloved Carnita’s Snack Shack. Enjoying San Diego’s beautiful weather, drinking some of its finest beer and munching on some divine swine has never been easier. Oh, and they make Barrel-Aged Tequila and Bourbon. Just let that sink in. So this October, fire your bow and land at Saint Archer Brewing.

Mmm, so good it will make a saint out of you ;)
Mmm, so good it will make a saint out of you 😉

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Looking for great beer? Join us for Oktoberfest this Saturday October 8 at Float Rooftop Lounge! Enjoy over 10 local breweries! Drink out of authentic steins and mack on authentic Bavarian cuisine while listening to The German Zeitgeist Band!

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Without the art of dressing up and looking fly we would have no rock stars, no actors and no Comic-Con. #SDCC2016’s bevvy of boldly- fashioned boys and beauties boasted enough creativity to make Lady Gaga jealous.

Like every good human, we @HardRockSD love to judge, and we love even more to list our judgements numerically. So here you go – our Top 5 Fave Comic-Con costumes of 2016!

1. Hot Pink Chewbacca and Star Wars Pal 

Like a cotton candy dream, this gorgeous duo evoked the rock n’ roll absurdity of 1980s music videos and reminded us all to Go Pink or Go Home. 

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

2. This Uncannily Accurate Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

All we have to say is that is NOT William Shatner and that is NOT Leonard Nimoy – but you’d never know it with grills and gear like those!

Star Trek
Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

3. This Life size Depiction of Zoidberg from Futurama

His character from Futurama is a brilliant scientist, and we think it takes a brilliant scientist to concoct such a detailed and hilarious cos play version of him!

Photo by @Chris_Ryall via Instagram

4. This Dapper Gentleman as David Bowie as Jareth, the Globlin King from Labyrinth 

Because we’re the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, we had to give credit to this wholly awesome homage to our favorite stylish rocker’s most famous film role. How dope is that jacket?!

Photo by the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego


5. Our Lobby Walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead

These bloody zombies were so scary they had our guests screaming with delight in our lobby!

Photo by Hew Burney
Photo by Hew Burney

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