Yasss! Our Top 5 Comic-Con Costumes!

By Heather Rushworth

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Without the art of dressing up and looking fly we would have no rock stars, no actors and no Comic-Con. #SDCC2016’s bevvy of boldly- fashioned boys and beauties boasted enough creativity to make Lady Gaga jealous.

Like every good human, we @HardRockSD love to judge, and we love even more to list our judgements numerically. So here you go – our Top 5 Fave Comic-Con costumes of 2016!

1. Hot Pink Chewbacca and Star Wars Pal 

Like a cotton candy dream, this gorgeous duo evoked the rock n’ roll absurdity of 1980s music videos and reminded us all to Go Pink or Go Home. 

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

2. This Uncannily Accurate Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

All we have to say is that is NOT William Shatner and that is NOT Leonard Nimoy – but you’d never know it with grills and gear like those!

Star Trek
Photo by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

3. This Life size Depiction of Zoidberg from Futurama

His character from Futurama is a brilliant scientist, and we think it takes a brilliant scientist to concoct such a detailed and hilarious cos play version of him!

Photo by @Chris_Ryall via Instagram

4. This Dapper Gentleman as David Bowie as Jareth, the Globlin King from Labyrinth 

Because we’re the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, we had to give credit to this wholly awesome homage to our favorite stylish rocker’s most famous film role. How dope is that jacket?!

Photo by the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego


5. Our Lobby Walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead

These bloody zombies were so scary they had our guests screaming with delight in our lobby!

Photo by Hew Burney
Photo by Hew Burney

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